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About Us

We’re not a fancy establishment. But we’re not an ordinary pizzeria either. Think of us as a neighborhood pizza joint with a serious gourmet twist. Let’s start with our famous 120 Pepperoni - an 18” pie with at least 120 pieces of pepperoni on it. You can go wild on that. Literally. Because we’re the only pizzeria in LA  that has pepperoni made from real wild boar! Want more? How about our unique black garlic-infused marinara. We could go on and on, but the point is this - if the words “delicious thin crust pizza”, “imaginative recipes” and “amazing vibe” mean anything to you, we're your pizza joint! A wise man once said that it’s easier to impress when the expectations are low. But Burattino takes the hard road to success - expect the best and hold us to it!


Our Story

Burattino Brick Oven Pizza was founded in 2016 in San Pedro, CA by Lee Kim. Lee is a Korean immigrant from Uzbekistan, which isn’t known for its great pizza tradition. In fact, the first real pizza Lee tried was the one he himself made when he applied for a job at a pizzeria. But in just a few years, he was featured in LA Business Journal, CNN, Food & Wine, Culinary Review, Buzzfeed, to name a few, and Burattino became one of the highest-grossing pizzerias in the US. There’s no secret to Lee’s success - it’s in the taste of his pizza and his appreciation of people. 

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